Line Balancing Question for Jockey Box

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The Beer Baron
Sep 13, 2016
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I have a 4 tap setup with 50' stainless coils that are 5/16" ID per tap.

To serve at my planned 14PSI that means I need about 60ft in total from the kegs through the coils to the tap. Factoring in for a 3ft rise up to the table. Is it okay to use 5/16" ID line for liquid? I know its commonly used for gas line. I'm thinking that 10ft of 3/16" liquid line from keg to the jockey box may present too much of a choke point that it will cause foaming due to the pressure drop once it hits the larger diameter stainless coils? Most of the beers I serve will be at 2.6vol/co2

Am I on the right track? What have others experienced?


Well-Known Member
Sep 5, 2005
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I've found my jockey boxes to be finicky to setup, so having the most options available makes the most sense to me. So having a 3/16" ID line available, as well as a 5/16" ID line at the ready, and some extra line of each in case if you need to make adjustments on the spot.

I use cold plates, and I tend to need to make some adjustments when I first set them up, as well as throughout the night sometimes as a keg changes, or as the beer in the keg warms up, or as the ice melts and the cold plate is under water, etc.

What I'm trying to say is to be prepared to make changes on the spot, so having everything you need will help you be prepared and be able to have the best pour available, and be ready to make adjustments throughout the time you use the jockey box.