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Feb 28, 2020
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Looking for opinions on my leftovers IPA recipe I've come up with. I have some leftover hops and extract that I'm looking to use up and I'm wondering if it'll be palatable. Just a 1-gallon experimental batch:

Pale DME- 1lb
Caramel 10- 8oz
Munich Light- 4oz

Hops (pellets) Schedule:
Chinook- .25oz 60min
Centennial- .25oz 60min
Chinook- .25oz 15min
Citra- .1oz 0min
Citra- .4oz Dry

Steep Grains at 160-170 for 30 mins
Boil, add DME, and follow hop schedule. 60 min boil.
Pitch yeast, Ferment, Dry Hop, Bottle.

Also, I have S-04 yeast, which I've read S-05 is best for IPA's. Looking for any insight into whether it really matters what is pitched. Let me know what you think about the leftovers IPA!
I use pale malt , munich and crystal 10 in my IPA but I brew all grain . It looks good to me but I've never made my own extract recipe only AG . Someone here that does extract will be of more help then me . With .5 oz @ 60 might be really bitter for a 1 gallon batch . I brew 5 gallons and I use .75 oz @ 60 . My IPA is around 65 ibu.

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Thanks for the input. This batch is only my 4th so still a lot to learn. I will fix the grain bill. What are your thoughts on the hops schedule? Too much too early?
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