Leaking Secondary Regulator

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Feb 26, 2021
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I've been chasing a leak on a secondary 4 product brand new taprite regulator and need a sanity check. I tested from my co2 tank to the secondary manifold by opening the tank, cranking up the primary to 60psi, leaving all the secondary regulators untouched at 0 psi, and then closing the tank valve and watching the pressure. When doing this, the low pressure will stay at 60psi and the high pressure won't move and wil stay around 650psi. To me this indicates that the secondary manifold and primary regulator are good. When I do the same thing except bring the secondaries up to 30 psi with the primary regulator at 60, the high pressure gauge will slowly drop to zero on the primary. If I pressurize the secondary manifold to 60psi and the secondary regulators to 30 psi and then shut the primaries outlet valve all the gauges will drop about 5 psi overnight. I've tried this one at a time on all the secondaries, and they all seem to do it. But when I pressurize the secondary but don't bring up the pressure the manifold never seems to drop in pressure. Keep in mind this is with the secondary regulators outlet ball valves close at all times. I couldn't find any leaks using the spray or dunk method.

Any suggestions?