Leak/Foam Keg Problems

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Apr 13, 2012
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So I recently kegged up an IPA and have been using a new dispensing system that worked just fine until I tossed some dry pellet hops into the keg. Although I did not cut the dip tube, I did bag the hops in a super fine mesh bag.

After a day with the hops in, it still poured perfectly and smelled great. After the second day, the keg started pouring almost all foam. I noticed that when I took the quick disconnect off the post, there would be a lot more leakage than I had seen in the past. I swapped out the QD and even tried a party tap instead of the perlick faucet, but it still poured foam.

I just disassembled the beer-out post and noticed that the dip tube had some hop sludge in it...not a lot, but some. I flushed out the sludge, sanitized and reassembled. Still pouring foam, although slightly better. Maybe it warmed up a little as it sat out while I was fixing the problem?

Any idea of what I should do?