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Apr 19, 2017
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Snowy Mountains, Australia
Yep, I relate to your story, and like the choice of apples. After years of "corporate life in the big city" we retired to a small alpine town then to a few acres out of town. What to do with the small apple tree orchard we inherited?

I know, lets make cider and sit in the sun! A quick Google made it all seem easy but the results were horrible. (Champagne yeast and Red Delicious isn't a great combination... Oh dear, it doesn't taste like sweet alcoholic apple juice!!!!)

Then I stumbled across HBT and started to make proper cider. I have a friend across the Lake who has Pink Ladies and I have Granny Smith, Red Delicious, plus a few others like Ballerina, Pomme de Neige, Cox's Orange Pippin and possibly Gravenstein (but we don't really know what that one is) as well as a lot of mystery roadside apples if the visiting tourists don't get to them first. So, despite not really having traditional cider apples we can get an interesting blend.

Many years later with a DIY scratting and pressing rig and an assortment of bottles, I still look forward to the annual picking, pressing and waiting for the magic to happen.
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