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For Sale Large selection of home brewing equipment

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Nov 6, 2011
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Want to sell this a lot and not split it up. Main system is a BrewBuilt Low Rider Digital BrewSculpture 10G volume brewed. ($6500 retail)

  • (2) BrewBuilt temp controlled SS Conical Fermenters
  • MoreBeer UltiMill ($1999 retail)
  • Homemade keezer with perlick taps and new lines and temp controller.
  • Several Keggles with 3peice ball valves
  • 2 plate chillers
  • 1 Rebel Grain mill for 5G bucket
  • 9 ball lock kegs with hardware
  • Blichman Beer gun
  • Assorted Hydrometers
  • (2) Tilt digital hydrometers
  • Several glass carboys
  • Assorted tubing/brushes/spoons/paddles
This is multiple home brew systems with literally everything you need. Nothing wrong with any of the equipment it just doesn’t get as used as a system like this should. Would be a great system for a brewery pilot program, super involved home brewer or home brew club . Again not willing to split any of it out, want to sell it all to make room in the shop. Not willing to ship, will consider close delivery within reason. $3500 OBO


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Really nice setup. I know you said you don’t want to part out but if you decide to I would be interested in the tilts.