Lambic advice needed.

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Mar 17, 2017
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Dublin, Ireland
I brewed a Lambic 18 months ago with Wyeast 3278 Lambic blend. Over the months I've added dregs from various Cantillion and 3 Fonteinen beers. My original plan was to do something with the beer at the 12 month point but for different reasons I didn't get around to doing anything with it or even tasting. It's been in a PET carboy since.

This weekend I finally decided to taste, expecting it to be pure vinegar and would be dumping it. To my surprise it's actually really good. Now it's nowhere near sour enough but has a good funky barnyard thing going on so I think I'm going back to my original plans of splitting half and add sour cherry puree to make a Kriek and brew this beer again and use the other half for blending. So the advice I need is about the yeast for the second brew. I had originally planned to dump the new beer on the yeast cake but someone in my club told me not to do this as it could get a bit weird. So looking around online and people seem torn on this one. Am I better off dumping on the yeast cake as planned or ferment with a clean strain then add some of the cake for secondary? Or is there another better option? I really want this beer to get a lot more sour as its very low at the moment. I've read the more you pitch onto 3278 the more sour it gets. This is the first sour beer I've done so not sure of the best way forward.
To primary or not to primary, that's the question. 4 dudes 5 answers. I primary mine with 2565, try to keep it at an FG of 1.020. it then gose into a solera barrel on dregs for 1 year then on fruit for 8 mos. The best advice I can give is to not use puree as it leaves a lot behind when bottling. I found a new product at Amoretti called Artiasin (spelling might be off). I have 4 - 5 gal glass carboys with different flavors waiting for the air lok to go even so I can bottle. When that happens I will put out a thread on the flavor and what's left behind.