Lagering my first bock!

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Nov 19, 2008
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This is my first lager. I have written a half dozen posts already about it, pretty much about every step along the way so far. I think I have over-thought the process far too much after reading too many threads here. i have decided that I most likely wont kill the beer and whatever I take from this first lager, will be a learning experience.

Extract brew labeled as a yummy bock. The directions were pretty poor, so I started off constantly changing plans on how I was going to brew this batch.

SG = 1.060
FG = 1.017
fermented 50-55 degrees for just over three weeks
D-rest at 68 degrees for about 5 days.

I just racked to a glass carboy, cleaned out some room in our fridge and put the beer in there. I figure I can keep it there for a month, then prime it with some sugar and bottle condition at room temp for 3-4 weeks.

I am pretty excited about this batch, and unless i have described anything terribly wrong, I think I will stick to this course of action and hopefully enjoy this batch by the end of May.