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Aug 27, 2007
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Because I'm out of clean ale yeast, I've decided to use Saflager S-23 for my IPA. I have the ability to lager, and I figured, why the hell not. I'm going to bring the wort down to 65F after boil, and pitch 2 packets of the yeast. Then I'm going to wait a few hours, and put it in the fridge at 53F. Should I bring it down to 60F, wait a day, then bring it down to 55, then my target, or what? Also, how would I go about cold conditioning?

Edit: The yeast I used was in the freezer a for a few months. I'm pitching two packets to ensure everything works out.

Thanks guys.
My preference is to leave a lager at room temperature until fermentation starts, then bring it down over a period of 48 hours.
What I do with lagers I make is to keep it at room temp until fermentation starts. Then I will put in the fridge at around 45-50 until fermentation is almost done (about 2 weeks). Then I will bring out to warm for about 2-3 days for a diacetyl rest. Then I rack to secondary and time to crank it down slowly over about 2 weeks to about 30, to lager for at least 2 months (more if a high gravity).