Lager yeast active, back to cold temps?

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Dec 31, 2006
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I used a light to check my SA clone and its starting to get a layer of krausen. I can see alot of yeast swimming around in there too. I had to take it out to room temp because I put it into my lagerator at 50F too early.

Should I stick it back in the fridge now, or wait until it gets a huge head of krausen? I dont want to keep it out too long and get the off flavors cooking. You guys are a tremendous help, thanks!
Do it NOW. All you want to see is that the yeast are awake. Get that sucker cooled down to 50F before it takes on the steam beer flavor (gross IMO)
Got it back in there. Thanks! All the yeast blobs that were swimming around before I stuck it in are hanging in suspension now. Hope the temp change didnt shock em.

Lagering aint easy! :drunk:
Pugilist said:
Lagering aint easy! :drunk:

You aint' lying. Your next one will go much smoother, i promise. Those little buggers will slow down a bit, and may even pause for a couple hours due to the change, but just leave it be, and it'll perk along nice and slow.

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