Lager temp flux'

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Oct 11, 2007
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Northern NJ, USA
So I've got an Oktoberfest that is lagering in a keg in my fridge- and I want to do another Lager- but the days when the basement floor is cool enough to have a fermenting carboy at 50F are over. I was wondering what might happen if I slowly Raise the fridge temps to the high 40's- so that I can have a lager go through the primary fermentation in there- then rack to a lagering keg and go back Down to the mid to low 30's....... I was wondering if that is something that I could get away with- given that I would still have the Oktoberfest lager for months on end (I don't intend to touch it till October).
I have yet to get Noonans' book- but I will be...
Any obvious downsides to that idea- that maybe I'm unaware of? Anyone done that before?