lager starter and old liquid yeast

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Jul 3, 2008
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I decided to make a Yuengling clone this weekend, and picked up the ingredients at the LHBS. The Wyeast 2035 American Lager was from August, so they gave me two, free (and sold me a 2001 Pils Urquell as a backup). Going by NB's yeast starter instructions, they recommended 3/4 cup of DME in 650mL, so that's what I mixed up. Seems pretty big, but what do I know...

Took an OG reading, and it was 16.8 brix! (1.068). Anyways, put in about 45 seconds worth of o2 (hopefully it wasn't too much), pitched the two smack packs in (after 3 hours, with not much inflation), made a DIY yeast stirrer with a computer fan, hard drive magnet, stir bar, and a free USPS flat rate shipping box, and set that spinning. It's been 4 hours now, and nothing seems to be happening to the starter.

I'm wondering if I killed the old yeast w/ such a strong starter...

Do I:
1. RDWHAHB? This is normal, and wait a day? I wanted to brew tonight, but can wait if I have to...

2. Dilute the starter to 1.040 w/ sterile water, and keep it on the stirrer?

3. Brew and pitch the PilsUrqell w/o a starter?

4. Throw out this starter, make a new one w/ the pils yeast, and let it go for a day, and brew tomorrow night?

This is new ground for me (lagers and starters), so I'm not quite sure what the best way to go is. Thanks guys!