lager pitching rates

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Make a starter, especially with a lager because of the slower fermentation rate. Most of us make a starter with ANY smack pack. It's good insurance and gets your brew off to a really good start. They're also kind of fun.
..For some reason starters have always intimidated me a bit. Dont no why...I have been brewing awhile. But something about not knowing if you messed up the yeast in some subtle way before pitching freaks me out....:eek:
You'll get to the point where you'll never do a liquid yeast without a starter. It makes that much of a difference.
hmm. Well i guess i should go for it then. I have made some very tasty brews (all ales) some as high as 1.076 og, with one wyeast smack starter. But I just checked out Mr Malty for the first time and it is suggesting even for my high gravity ales I needed over 2 wyeast packs for one brew or make starters. And for a high gravity lager its saying I need 450 billion yeasties! And If I didn't use a starter..5 wyeast packs! It is even saying with making a starter I should start with two packs! Is this really true? Seems like a lot.. Or can I start from one pack and build it up to a good pitching lvl?

Damn Mr. Malty for his realistic thinking. He is ruining my dreams of a starterless brewing career!