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Dec 29, 2007
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This is my second batch...

AHS Blue Moon clone. It has been in the bottle for one week. It really lacks taste.
pretty much like a keystone or coors. I know that blue moon is only one step away from these domestics but it does have more taste.

any suggestions on the problem? I know let it age...but i am anxoious.

Honestly aging is the best bet. The flavor will improve. If it doesn't get better in three weeks then you can provide more information. If you followed the recipe instructions to the letter, there isn't much that could have went wrong.
Was it an extract recipe that you followed well? If so, I bet your only problem is your anxiety.

You really have to give it time. You pretty much wasted a beer by popping a top one week after bottling. Brewing is no time to get anxious.

Did you top off with water? Possibly to much? Was the OG on target or lower then it was suppose to be?
Sounds green to me. Probably tastes thin or watery right? Seems like 3 weeks is a good amount of time to allow for bottle conditioning
Its probably under-spiced w/ orange peel and coriander... I steep those ingredients in a seperate batch of water after the first 20 minutes in the boil pot to get some more of the flavor our.
It was an extract kit (their mini mash kit)

the OG was alittle low I got 1.043 (recipe called for 1.048)

And yes it was watery/thin tasting

so...hoping with some patience it will develop its flavors
I have no experience with AHS kits, nor is this in any way a slam on them, but one person's 'clone' of a commercial beer just may not come across the same way to someone else's taste buds.

When I've looked for Newcastle clone recipes, I see a lot of variations in the recipes. All are true to style, but they all sorta conflict with each other too.

Giving it a little more time to mature and absorb the carbonation is a good idea. also chill the bottle at least 24 hours. cold beer holds more CO2 but it needs time to dissolve once the beer's cooled off. otherwise it vents a lot of CO2 when you open it, and it wants to come out of solution a little faster.