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Nov 24, 2022
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Hi! So i'm a farmer in the himalayas, India. Recently, since the lockdown, i've begun dabbling in making wine from the kiwi fruit ( green variety ) and ive come across few hurdles. Firstly im genuinely interested in this new hobby of mine and i would like to know if anybody has any knowledge of where i can find rich comprehensive guide on making wine from this fruit. Now I've tried it twice in the past two years and ive faced a small issue. The wine which i have made has turned out very acidic and tart. All i've read has told me that it is in the nature of the fruit that has made it happen. But intuition tell me i can make a balanced wine. Can i make some modifications to the process? Use a blend of fruits. Perhaps a heavier bodied fruit like a banana. Or as somebody posted here, backsweeten it to balance it out. Please tell me the best and latest method to overcome my shortcoming.
I'm pasting the recipe which i followed while making the wine here.
Help would be immensely appreciated. Thanks.