Kiwi Sour?

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Apr 16, 2012
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Has anybody on here made a Kiwi sour before? I have seen some recipes for a Kiwi wit and a few other beers but not a sour.

My idea is to make a quick sour using a large lacto ferment from a blond ale recipe and then boiling it off to stop the lacto. After that I plan to pitch a Brett L yeast and rack it to about 5-10 Lbs of Kiwis.

What do you guys think?
Ive used them in a sour before, and they are almost too light of a flavor to really come through

I think you would have to use absurd amounts to get anything out of them,
per gallon maybe

when I did it, I used 3#/gal and couldnt really taste anything
You know what might be really good? Berliner Weisse with a Kiwi Syrup.
That is a thought, using a syrup or extract. The extracts scare me though, I hear they can give a artificial taste.
Well, I meant instead of a traditional Woodruff or raspberry syrups, a homemade kiwi syrup sounds like an excellent alternative.

I wouldn't use extract flavorings in any beer of mine, but that's just me.
Caleb of Upland told me they do about 5 lbs/gal of skinned kiwis in their lambic.
Yeah i read someone who stated they got about 3.5 lbs of kiwi from about 15 fruit. so that would be over 100 Kiwi, i think i may pass. that will be one expensive batch of beer and alot of labor skinning all of those kiwi Fruits.

AmandaK what would a good way be to making a syrup?

Passion fruit?
I had Uplands Kiwi lambic at GABF a few years ago. It was over the top sour.

For making a syrup, you would still want to peel the kiwi. The peel just doesn't taste good and I would doubt you'd want it in your beer anyways. Making a syrup should be as simple as peeling, adding some water to a pot and keep adding the kiwis in boiling them until they turn to mush. Sounds like more work then just racking on top of them.

Monin makes Kiwi syrup, hell almost any flavor you want. You can get them in some restaurant/bar supply stores too:

Problem with premade syrups, is they are going to be colored and sweetened. If you add that green stuff to a blonde ale, you'll get a nice muddy brown color I would assume. And, with the sugar in it, you'd probably get something like a Lindemans losing the sour replaced by sweet.

Personally I would go the fresh fruit route just I don't have anything big enough to rack into with 100+ kiwi fruit in there.
How would I make a syrup? Peel/skin the kiwi, keeping the seeds (maybe). Perhaps do something like a 1:2:3 water:sugar:smashed kiwi ratio, cook it down until desired thickness.

This would be what I would want in a Kiwi-syrup Berliner Weisse:
I wonder how much syrup i would need to make without over doing it?

Berliner Weisse syrup is traditionally blended in the glass, after bottling. So it would be hard to overdo it if you follow the traditional route.
I just ate a Kiwi and thought, I would really like to make a Catharina Sour maybe with some orange too to boost it up.

For the kiwi though, I think the key is to make sure they are firm and not over ripe. I like them more on the sour side and the more they ripen the more that sourness dissipates.

Will most likely be in the summer but I’ll let you all know if I figure out a recipe. I’m just not sure what kind of hops? Maybe something from NZ too like Nectaron!

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