Kitchen sink saison recipe formulation

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Jun 7, 2011
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Wamego, KS
So, I'm trying to clean up some odds and ends in my ingredient cupboard and also try to come up with a base saison recipe that I can play with. For this time around, I'd like to shoot for something semi-sessionable that I can post boil sour with GoodBelly and then add tart cherry juice in secondary. Here's what I have; Any suggestions/tweaks/random thoughts would be welcome.

8 lb 2 row malt
1.75 lb Pilsen malt
0.5 lb flaked corn (just to use it up)
0.5 lb flaked oats (just to use it up)
2 qt tart cherry juice

Belle Saison Yeast packet

Hop options: Amarillo (lots), Simcoe, & open packs of Tettnanger and E KG (should probably just throw these 2 away....)

I'm thinking to mash at 147 for 60 minutes, short hop-less boil, co-pitch yeast & GoodBelly and then just dry hop or hop tea an oz of Amarillo after the cherry juice settles down. Is this going to work?