Killed a keg of homebrew...

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Jan 15, 2005
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...during a party yesterday. Good feeling. It was LWPA and actually in my expert beer opinion (pffff...) my extract batch of that was better than this batch we busted up yesterday. At any rate--its nice to have your Bud/Miller/Coors loving buddies drink your homebrew and enjoy it. Honestly, the crowd that was over yesterday was pretty diverse in beer other than BMC swill. Boy did we put some away though! Today I'm wishing I would have had another keg ready to go because it drove me to start drinking some Jimmy Beam, and I'm not feeling so hot now! I'm sticking with the homebrew from now on!

I think I remember switching kegs at one point to give Sam a sample of the Gravedigger too. I woulnd't let anyone else drink that because I'm saving it for football season. Let me tell you, its not working. I'm drinking it all! Anyway--Sam I don't recall what you said about it though. Would you change anything in it? Don't say more hops because keep in mind that's gotta be a smooth drinker for the wusses.....personally I think its a great beer. But I think all of mine are great. :D :p

Anyway.....had to share my experiences from yesterday....it was SO fun.