Kieselsol to keg?

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Aug 14, 2017
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Hi, I screwed somethig at my latest batch. Recirculated whole time and wort was clear. Can't remember excactly what I did but just before draining to my boil kettle I adjusted valves and turned pump off. Then there was cloudy wort draining to boil kettle. I tried to continue recirculation again. It cleared a bit but no to what it was before. After boiling and cooling it was worst. No it has been in fermenter almost two weeks. I was planning spunding but missed the spot. Also tought to give it time to settle. I have pulled samples and tastes great but the hazy look is still there. Then got idea to try kieselsol that I haven't used a while. That can be used in boil or clearing fermented beer. Put two samples in small glass jar. On other added couple drops of this stuff. No day later it is cleared. Instructions say to mix that in secondary and wait, then rack it off. I don't want to do that. Also don't want to open fermenter and try to mix it there. Is It okay if I add kieselsol to keg before transfer? I use floating dip tubes so I think it would work. Is there negative effects leaving it to keg until it's consumed?IMG_20200811_204706.jpg

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