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Jun 6, 2007
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Morganton, NC
I've been looking at kettles and burners as a better option for splitting my boil on the stove. So far I see a few options:

Aluminum/stainless turkey fryer pot: Tall and narrow - boil over easily
Wider 30-34 qt pot - will not fit well on my stove

Unfortunately, I'm really trying to cut down on costs here.

First, I found theGranite Ware 34 qt pot from Amazon for $32 not a bad deal. I have a smaller version right now and am pretty satisfied. I read that the bigger ones are a pain to fit onto a regular stovetop though.

Then I found the King Cooker 30 qt pot with spigot on Amazon. If you pair it with the King Cooker burner its a total of $83. Not bad. The spigot would be great, but there are some bad reviews of the pot saying the spigot leaks.

I also found the Saf T Fryer from Lowes for $79. Seems like a good setup. Even though the pot is tall, it has the flare at the top to catch boil overs. The drain is also a plus. The only problem is that it is one size only. No keggles on this burner. Not a huge deal though.

Does anyone have specific suggestions on what I have listed or something different?
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