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For Sale KegLand Kegerator with upgraded draft system

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Oct 6, 2017
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Thinking about selling this nice KegLand kegerator. This model fits 3 full size ball locks plus 5lb tank inside. I've had 4 beverages on tap using stackable 1.5 and 2.5 gal torpedo kegs plus a 5lb nitro tank inside with CO2 supplied from elsewhere. I am not including a CO2 regulator or tank for it--currently using it with a secondary regulator supplied from a remote tank.

Asking $550 for kegerator and a top notch draft system consisting of a 4 tap T-Tower (Micromatic IIRC) and 4 Perlick SS flow control faucets. The beer lines have been upgraded to EVA Barrier. It does have a scratch on the left side that has been touched up.

For an extra $100, I'll include the nitro tap in the picture as well as a and a nitro tank and regulator which will fit inside with 3 kegs.

I'll also sell both stackable Torpedo kegs for another $100. I don't have any full size kegs for sale at this time.

If you take it all, I'll do $700.

Located in Monroe, MI about 10 minutes off I-75 Exit 11

Not currently open to considering selling the kegs or nitro setup without the kegerator at this time. I will repost those separate should they become available.


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