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Keggle electric setup with 25g coleman cooler mash tun (full system)

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Dec 17, 2009
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Hello all, I have recently upgraded my system to a 50 gallon spikes system, so I am selling off my old keggle setup. I've brewed on it for probably 5 years and brewed countless beers. Just brewed a batch as recently as last week on it. But alas I don't have the space to store it, so it must go. I am looking for 500$ for the whole lot, or best offer. I would be willing to piece some things out for the right price as well. I've included a bunch of pictures.

  • Mash tun, 25g coleman cooler with a copper manifold, and cpvc upper fly sparge manifold. Camlock fittings for easy quick disconnect.
  • HLT is a keggle with a sight gauge and thermometer, along with a 5500w element and center dip tube. I also have a false bottom for those so inclined to maybe BIAB.
  • The kettle is equipped with a 5500w element with a 3 prong 30a connector, so already set up for 240 volt. It has a side dip tube along with a whirlpool arm. It is also equipped with a pt100 rtd temp sensor for those so inclined for a PID controller.
  • The stand is included as well, and is equipped with aluminum inserts for the boil kettle as a reinforcement.
  • The pump is not included that is mounted on the bottom.
  • Also I will include a 400 micron hop basket (not pictured)




IMG_20190213_211859 (1).jpg

any questions, feel free to ask. I am located right outside of Philadelphia, PA. Would prefer not to ship, but am open to the idea. Cheers

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