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Mar 6, 2007
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Albuquerque, NM
I need to upgrade my setup and was looking for a new burner and stand. Will the Hurricane Burner/Stand hold a Keggle? If not are there any you recommend? Thanks for the help.
I use a Bayou classic (40kBTU) I got on sale for $19, It has a round base that is slightly too small for a keggle so I stick two 2' pieces of rebar in the slots around the edge for stability. It works great
Been giving this alot of thought and I am stuck between these two:


:rockin: Do I really need that much power to use the KAB5 for 10gal batches? :rockin:

You may not want that specific one based on price and maybe other factors, but I like a 20PSI burner for 10-gallon batches - the 10PSI (55KBTU) burners like the SQ14 will work, but it will take longer to heat things.
I think it is too much, but I haven't tried to boil a 10gal batch on my old system. It has trouble getting a 5gal to a boil and it is less than 55KBTU. If it makes the job easier it will be money well spent.
You will never say, "damn the boiled to fast". As with most things bigger is better or atleast as much as you can afford.
W/ 10 gallon batches, you probably won't have a problem w/ too much burner, but w/ smaller batches, the bigger burners become harder to fine-tune to prevent boil-over.