Kegging my first batch tomorrow... final questions??

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Jul 4, 2008
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I have two batches ready to go and only so many bottles. My kegging setup isn't complete, with only two mini kegs and two perlicks so far on the pile.

I plan on bottleing the one batch and doing the second with 1/2 bottle and 1/2 kegged (2.5g keg).

Q: #1
If I plan on doing it 1/2 and 1/2, Can I just add the normal amount of priming sugar to the bottling bucket and then just fill the keg and then the bottles? Or do I really need to seperate them first and then add priming sugar? I'd like to just add the priming sugar to the whole batch and then siphon into each...

The kegged 1/2 won't be touched for a while, till I find a job and assemble the rest of the parts for the keggerator. However it will help cut down on the number of bottles I have to get tomorrow.

Q: #2
After the keg has set for a few days, should I pull the pressure release and help air escape? or is this not necessary? I'm going to fill it as close to the top as possible to minimize the amount of air left in the keg.

Q: #3
Does it ever stop? I have 1 batch complete, 1 that was bottled last week and two needing attention in the next couple days and 1 waiting to be whipped up once I have a free spot to put it.

It feels kinda wierd with 15+ gallons of beer sitting just outside my kitchen when I'm not really a big drinker....

Anyway.. thanks for the answers.

Feb 3, 2008
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Eastern Colorado
My Drinking is directly relevant to my need for bottles and kegs for batches that need moved out of carboys because I've got beer to brew so I can get the grains for another batch I've been planning.

I've been drinking a lot lately.