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Feb 7, 2011
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I just got a used kegconnection 2 keg system and I'm curious about keg care/storage. I noticed when I opened them up to take a look inside that there was some pressure in them. When not full is it good to keep a little pressure in them? Also, in doing a little homework/shopping around I saw that the refurbished corny kegs in general have new o rings greased with a food grade lubricant. What kind of lubricant would be considered food grade? I was probably going to disassemble and thoroughly clean and inspect the two cornies I got and I thought it might not hurt to have some of this lubricant on hand. The system in general appears to have been extremely well cared for so I'm not too worried but at the same time I'm not willing to chance 5 gal of precious beer. I didn't see much on keg care or maintenance in the FAQ but maybe I wasn't looking hard enough. Thanks!

EDIT: Answers by HenryHill :

I put about a quart of starsan in my empty kegs and do not put any pressure on them. I store them with the starsan after they have been cleaned, and unless I am refilling a keg that has just been in the kegerator, I pull the posts, and soak them in starsan and then remount the posts, leaving starsan in them. When I go to fill them, I slosh the starsan entirely around the inside and then I pour it out. I do not rinse after pouring out the starsan, before filling them with the new beer.

If I am pressed for time, and have a just removed an emptied keg, I will just drain and rinse in water, then sanitize in starsan, then fill.

I ONLY use sanitary lubricant. What I have now is called Petrol Gel made by McGlaughlin Oil Company, but any keg lube from a reputable seller is adequate.