Kegging into a commercial keg from plastic fermenter

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Sep 13, 2023
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I recently bought a commercial d style coupler keg from a friend's bar and was thinking to make a use of it, never kegged before. I ferment in a plastic bucket fermenter. I am just going to pour the beer using a long tube to eliminate oxygen. After I watched this video
I was thinking about the method in the 5l keg. Can I just add sugar in the keg and then use my friend's keg machine to drink beer? (by adding sugar the trap that will be left will cause a problem? I cold crash my beer)
My main problem is that I don't have a CO2 tank, so I can't just forced carbonate or add CO2 to the keg. 3rd question, can I use the CO2 tank from my friend to add CO2 or force carbonate using the coupler?
Thanks in advance!
Welcome to HBT! AND: Sorry that welcome is so slow.... Sanke kegs present a number of problems for homebrewers and though a handful on here have successfully (and expensively) made use of them, I think everyone else was waiting for someone else to go first in answering.
The first thing I'm wondering is your level of experience and wondering if you have removed the check-valve from your coupler, and second; how you'll actually feed the beer through it. Plently of folk carbonate their kegs with sugar, but the big issue is actually getting it into a properly cleaned/sanitzed and CO2 purged keg.
Have you made any progress since this post?