Kegerator Ice Forming On Back Wall

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Nov 24, 2014
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Acquired a kegerator second hand. The fridge seemed to work fine when I got it and it appeared in good condition. The person I got it from took good care of it. The actual fridge model is: Danby DAR125SLDD.

I have a keg ready to tap and in preparation of moving it to the kegerator, I turned on the fridge and it was running fine. I actually had it too low at first--it was around 32 degrees. I bumped it to reach 39/40.

When the fridge reached that temp, I placed the CO2 tank in the corner, on the ledge in the back, and then placed the keg in front of the CO2 tank (otherwise it'll topple forward). I noticed the temp, not long after, was around 44 degrees. I lowered the temp just a little to get it closer to 39/40, and left it overnight. This morning, I noticed the temp was still around 44 degrees, and there are ice crystals forming on the back wall. In my basic knowledge of refrigeration, I'm assuming this is either from humidity coming from somewhere, or there isn't enough air circulation.

I felt around the gasket on the door and nothing is leaving/entering there. The tower contains two taps, which lines are insulated with 1" copper pipe and piping insulation for the copper. The tower is also equipped with a Coldtower fan (at the bottom of the fridge) blowing cold air into the tower.

The fridge is half empty except for the side that the CO2 tank and keg are on, so there shouldn't be too much of an issue with air circulation. To be safe, I moved the CO2 tank off the back ledge and on the floor of the fridge next to the keg, just in case.

The temperature still hasn't dropped below 44 degrees and ice remains on the back wall (couldn't be sure if more ice was produced or not).

Is this a common issue with kegerators with tap towers? Any recommendation on how to avoid this? If this is an air circulation issue, I imagine I won't be able to tap two kegs in there, if I'm having trouble with just one. Maybe the solve is to modify so the CO2 tank lives outside? Any help is appreciated.
I’m battling the same thing. Had a keg freeze up awhile back. Put in a mason jar of water to independently test the temp and it was off by 2 degrees. I think icing is normal on the back vertical part, my problem is the interior drain freezes over and a whole block of ice eventually forms. I put in a damp rid and that helped a lot. Next I’ll try adding a computer fan to keep the air moving and hopefully prevent freezing at the drain.

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