Kegerator for a 3gallon corny

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Aug 14, 2021
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I do nitro cold brew in a 3 gallon corny and moved without the kegerator. I had shared the kegerator with my roommate who brewed beer but I don't need the full space of a kegerator. I've been looking at a full kegerator but they're a bit pricey for just a 3 gal corny. I was curious if anyone has done a kegerator build for a 3 gal or if anyone has any recommendations of a mini fridge that would fit a 3 gal since I haven't been able to find any?
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Mini fridge with a picnic tap? Should be around $100 new.
Sorry just edited my question, I've been looking for mini fridges that would fit a 3 gal but nothing will fit with most of the mini fridges having the half shelf in the interior.
I have a Haier HSA04WNCWW 4.0 cubic foot mini fridge. I took out the door for the freezer and carefully flipped over the freezing tray so it is almost touching the roof of the box. Easily fits a 3 gal corny and a 5 lb CO2 tank.