Kegerator/Cooler Recommendation needed

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Aug 5, 2012
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Doylestown, PA, USA
Hi - I am building a bar but need to decide on how the Corny kegs will be coold before I finalize the design. I would like to have space for 6 kegs plus 2 'on deck' for conditioning. I realize this is a lot and could live with space for six kegs if needed.

The kegerator would be located under the lower bar surface so a top-loading chest freezer is not possible. Also I do not have the ability to put a chest freezer the other side of an adjacent wall. I currectly have a Kegco XCK-1B with four taps and space for four corny kegs. This unit however is very deep -30" and is a commercial unit which is quite noisy. I have looked online at Beverage Factory and Kegworks but all the larger units are better suited to commercial establishments - and I am guessing are also noisy and bulky.

I do not necessarily need the durability of a 'use & abuse every day' commercial unit. I am thinking a better solution may be two under counter refrigerators side by side with each one holding four kegs. Each fridge would need a floor area of about 18" x 18" and a height of 26". Maybe a wine fridge although some of them are not able to get down to beer temperatures. Another thought is to build a 'cool box' using a fridge with the door off and fans to circulate the air.

What is the experience of readers here? Are there models that work well with some modification or am I better off with a bulky, noisy commercial bar keg cooler?

It's not clear to me what you're looking for. Do you want the 8 kegs to be in refrigerators with taps (i.e kegerators), or are you looking strictly for a low profile refrigerator to fit under the bar for keeping kegs cold? If the total height can only be 26 inches, it will be challenging to fit 25 inch tall ball lock kegs inside it.

Morebeer has some non-commercial kegerators that hold 4 kegs. They don't fit into an 18x18x26 space, though.