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Mar 12, 2009
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Bremerton, Wa
I bought a uesd fridge to convert to a kegerator. It is a Kenmoore side by side. I figure i can keep some frozen beer glasses in the freezer side. I am going to drill the hole for the tap in the door and i was thinking of drilling the hole for the C02 line in the back or side. I have looked through the whole show your kegerator thread and havent seen one side by side fridge 1) am i missing something? Are side by sides no good? 2) how do i ensure that i miss the freon lines in the back or side? 3) does anyone have any other suggestions or lessons learned?:mug:
Side by sides usually aren't used because you can't fit too many cornies in there even though it's a big size. The space inside is long and thin and you can't stack cornies on top of each other. Another thing to consider is you'd have to stack them back to front on the floor of the fridge, and if you blew a keg in the back you'd have to disconnect all the lines to get the keg out. A pain, I'm sure. Before you drill anywhere, do you have any kegs? If not, get some, and see how you're going to stack them in there.

Regardless of what fridge you use, don't keep frozen glasses in the freezer, keep all your yeast, hops and grains in there! It'll keep the SO happy, for sure.