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Jun 19, 2011
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Port Angeles
Kegconnection recently donated a few items to be given away here on HomeBrewTalk. It's with great pride that we announce the formation of the Kegconnection Giveaway!

The prizes are:

  1. New 5 Gallon Keg
  2. A Kegconnection T-shirt
  3. Kegconnection STARR Bottle Opener
  4. Keychain Bottle Opener
  5. and a Kegconnection Glass

Rules & Entry
- To enter, reply to this thread one time.

- Forum entry limited to Premium Members only.

On September 13th we will close this giveaway, put all the names in a box, and draw one winner on September 14th in a live drawing.

The winner will have 24 hours from the time the winner is posted to claim their prizes. If you do not respond with your address within that time a new winner will be chosen. The same rules apply to the next winner.

Good luck and thanks to Kegconnection.com

No purchase necessary. To enter by mail send full name, address, phone number to HBT PO BOX 911 San Marcos, Texas 78667. Entries must be received by September 14th, 2012. Void where prohibited. Free shipping to anywhere in USA. Winner subject to International shipping and custom fees.
Not open for further replies.