Keg woes

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Mar 22, 2005
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Reno, NV
Okay.. half the brewing season shot to hell and my second batch down the garbage disposal.

At the beginning of the year, I emptied out a keg I had homebrew soda in. The soda had been there (refrigerated) for about a year. I soaked the keg in hot water, sanitized and couldn't notice any smell. I didn't have the 7/8 socket to remove the posts - big mistake.

I put my Octoberfest in that keg. Two weeks later, it had a sickening, sweet off-flavor. It was so bad, I had to toss the batch. I thought it was an infection from the keg. The bottles from that same batch tasted fine - so, no Octoberfest this year :(

I sanitized the keg again, this time overnight - (still didn't remove the posts; stupid me) and I replaced the rubber. I also replaced the beverage draft hoses. I got "food-service" hoses from home depot and put them on both of my kegs. But two days later, both beers tasted like plastic - so I trashed those hoses and put new ones on from the HBS again. I put my brittish bitter into that keg and a week later, got the same off flavor. I thought it was mild enough that I could save it. I racked the whole thing into another keg and replaced the draft hose again.

NOW - I got the socket and removed the posts. I threw out all the rubber and poppets and soaked all the metal in brew-r-ez overnight. Then I replaced all the rubber and poppets. I just racked my hopback amber into that keg and it's pressurizing now. Hopefully it will be okay.

I just tasted the bitter, and guess what - same off-flavor, only it's seemed to have grown stronger. I dumped that batch and disassembled that keg - that was my good keg. It's all soaking in brew-r-ez overnight. I guess I should replace the draft line again. This off-flavor is literally following me.

BTW, the main source of it was the original keg w/ the soda. When I removed the posts, the out post smell almost knocked me over.

Moral of the story - don't skimp on cleaning.

I'll be REALLY pissed if my hopback amber is ruined - it tastes great now


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Apr 19, 2005
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Portland, Oregon (Beervana)
I have made about three batches of homebrew soda using extracts. My first batch was saspirilla. I figured the bottling part would be good practice for when I started homebrewing beer. I used my brand new bottling/fermenting bucket, siphon hoses, and spring loaded bottle filler that I had just bought. Everything that came into contact with the soda now has a PERMANENT smell. That was months ago and the smell still permeates from it. I had to just end up dedicating all of that stuff to soda making, and buy new stuff when I started my homebrew beer.

Dude, that really sucks about your beer. Somewhere in beer heaven the souls of those batches are resting peacefully.