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Jan 10, 2008
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I am thinking of getting a system such as the one found here:

I really don't have the space, or money, for a larger system, but i figured this would work well enough to save me the trouble of filling all those bottles.

1. If i sugar prime the keg, then one of these would be more than able to serve the five gallons right?
2. If i have a couple kegs, i can use one unit on multiple kegs without any loss of carbonation?
3. Kegs do not necessarily have to be refrigerated do they? I can fill these and leave them in the corner of the basement for long term storage, then chill them when i serve?
4. Is there a better system i can get that takes up little to no space, and doesn't cost much?

Any advice towards this issue, or other suggestions on how to store large amounts of alcohol are greatly appreciated.


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Feb 1, 2005
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I-80, Exit 27 (near the Quad Cities)
I can really relate to the fact that you are a cheap MF...did I say that our loud??? :confused: :D

OK, all joking aside...that set up can work, but you really have to know which variables to use with it.

A mini-charger (what I call it) can NOT carbonate your brew. It can dispense it, but not carbonate a keg.

Read up on "gyling" or "gyle" for your brew.

IF you make your brew and remove enough wort from your brew (gyle) PRIOR to adding yeast to the primary you can naturally carbonate your keg by adding the gyle back in after fermentation has ceased it can be done.

Gyling would eliminate the use for priming is used the same way. :D

Refrigeration is not necessary as long as the fermentation is complete prior to bottling/kegging.


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Dec 6, 2006
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I understand that money is tight. However with a "system" like this it will continue to be tight. Those little air gun CO2 cartridges are going to cost a small fortune over time.

IMHO you'll be better off to save your money until you can afford a real CO2 tank and regulator. Granted it'll cost more in the short run but over the long haul you'll save enough on CO2 to more than pay for the tank.

Where over the long haul using those little cartridges you'll more than have paid for a real system in ongoing cost. And you'll still want a good setup so you'll end up trying to save for one while spending a ton of money on the cartridges.