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Jun 29, 2020
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I'm new here and have been lurking and learning. I decided to jump into the kegging game and placed 2 large orders (for me, roughly $800 each). I will admit that I was an abnormal buyer as the form of payment and the delivery address were different locations.

I place both orders on Wednesday June, 24th at almost the same time, roughly the same dollar amount and the same issue of shipping and billing addresses being different for each vendor.

One order arrived on that Friday the 26th of June and one I hard nothing from.

So I called and emailed and got a great return phone call and email explaining that my order was triggered for fraud (different shipping and billing) but now it was all cleared up. I said it was important to get some of the items I ordered by the 4th since we were hosting a lot of people and needed items in the order. I was told it wouldn't be an issue, everything would be here by the 4th other than 2 corny kegs which I agreed I could live without for the 4th.

A week later I don't have a single item I ordered from Keg Outlet. The other order from AHS was shipped and delivered by the time I was even notified by Keg Outlet that there was a problem, and I had to call to ask what the problem was.

My order is sitting in pending status and my phone calls and email to them have been left unanswered.

As a new face in this hobby, I can't think of a worse experience I've had with any vendor, ever.

Even after a comforting phone call and email from them last week, my order says "Pending Shipping" and no one picks up the phone.

Anyone else had a similar experience with Keg Outlet?

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