Keg Kit for Christmas, What am I missing?

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Dec 13, 2006
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Albuquerque, NM
I got the Austin Homebrew kegerator conversion kit for Christmas this year and I'm looking forward to having beer on tap in the garage. I have about 3 weeks before my Irish Ale will be ready to keg but I want to make sure everything is ready when the time comes.

I laid out all the pieces and connected the gas tube and beverage tube to the keg. The one part I can't figure out is how the beverage tube connects to the steel shank that will be installed in the door. I'm assuming I need a fitting or nipple to connect up the tube.

Here's the layout of all the pieces I have so far. I know I need a CO2 tank, but other than that, can any of you tell what fitting is missing for connecting the beverage tube to the shank/faucet assembly? Also, what is the small stainless nipple in the plastic package used for?

Thanks for your help and Happy New Year!

Looks like you are missing the beer nut that attaches the nipple to the shank. I received your email but I couldn't look at your order to see what you ordered because you only gave your first name. Let me know the name the merchandise was ordered under or a order number and I can help.


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