Keg dry hopping with Eureka! after carbonation

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Mar 19, 2020
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Hi forum
So i have just completed my first kegging of a homebrew batch (West coast IPA) which i intend to bring on a weekend trip with some friends.

I am quite satisfied with the taste of the beer, however i was wondering whether it would be possible to dry hop in the keg after carbonation, preferably as we arrive to the weekend house?
In addition maybe drink half of the keg before dry hopping, and then dry hop, wait a bit and try the difference in taste

Planning on using eureka as i have some spare on hand

What do you think?

If you put it in a bag I think it would be fine. The main problem dry hopping in a keg is all the hops debris.
Just be careful and be ready to seal the keg up quickly when adding the hops to a carbonated keg. The hop particles can cause foaming and gushing of the keg at an amazing magnitude....see video lol

another one lol

I was just going to point the above. If the beer is carbed it’s going to gush and hard. You’re tossing in thousands of nucleation sites