Keg Connection manifold slow air leak

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Apr 30, 2012
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I recently discovered after a few tanks, that my C02 is going faster than it should. I submerged the whole gas side in water to find that its the end nut on my manifold that is leaking. I tried tightening it, to no avail.

I called keg connection to see how they wanted to handle it and this was there response...

a more wordy "fix it yourself, shipping it to us and then back to you is a pain. You may want to buy rector seal and a bunch of teflon which is what we use(apparently not very judiciously). If you do end up buying something for the fix we will send you something you need to help make up for it."

I am starting to have more negative experiences with keg connection than postive. The owner was nice, and appologetic but I cant say he got in front of this issue. Basically, after spending money on extra C02 because of a problem that you created you want me to fix it myself? There is enough PITA DIY with homebrewing, the reason I purchased this from you was it was supposedly assemled, and assembled properly(ie. something I dont have to worry about). In addition I recently discovered that keg connection sold me a C02 tank that was out of its hydro date by 2 years. It looks like my business wil be going elsewhere, they have created enough keezer headaches.
Hopefully this will help someone else avoid some of the pitfalls I have experienced.