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Mar 13, 2015
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Hi All

I am planning my keezer build (old chest freezer).

It will have 2 kegs inside and 2 taps. I am going to make it out of wood (so from the outside it looks fully wooden, with freezer inside)

It will have a wooden tower on top with 2 taps - on the inside of the tower I am going to build in 2 fans - one for intake and one for extraction to keep cold air flowing from inside the freezer.

What material do I use to insulate the inside of the tower - I have watched videos and seen pictures that people have posted. Seems to be some kind of silver material they stick on the inside? Is this suitable? What is it called? Should I use more than just this?

Also how should I seal the wood? Just simple varnish, and then stick the insulation on top of that?

Thanks in advance