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Jul 26, 2012
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Stage one of my Keezer build. Had an old GE I was using first as a ferm chamber then to serve kegs via picnic taps, now converting to Keezer. Trying to make this a what I had on hand project.

So far I've built a base with 2x4 and added some casters I had. Then built a collar with 2x4 and used silicone to seal it to the freezer. I have the wood and bucket with water on to make the seal and hopefully straighten out the warped 2x4! Have two taps on order (to start), will drill holes and install them next. Then will use some styrofoam I have to insulate the collar. Finally will paint it up when I have time. This is a garage Keezer so I'm not too worried about aesthetics but would like it to look decent enough to roll to the basement for parties.