K-sorbate/K-meta question

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Oct 29, 2020
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Have a 5G batch of caramel apple bochet in my SS Brewbuilt. iSpindel says it has been at 1.015 for about 5 days. Was going to add k-sorbate and k-meta and then keg as I need the conical for next batch. But I have read that mead is an evolving thing that gets better with age if you don't stabilize it. Adding sorbates and sulfites would keep the mead from aging wouldn't it, since they essentially stabilize it? Not worried about fermentation continuing so much as I just don't want it going bad either. FYI, it's sitting at 7.5%


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Nov 9, 2021
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South shore of Lake Erie
At this stage, you'd use preservatives to prevent further fermentation, not for infection control. The alcohol content will prevent infection unless your sanitation processes are off-the-chart horrible.

The preservatives won't interfere with normal aging. (And most mead definitely benefits from aging.) If you're sure that fermentation has completed (same SG values 5 days in a row is a good indicator that it is complete), then I don't think there's any need for them; but they won't hurt anything either. So if you'd feel more comfortable with the sorbate and meta, then go ahead and add them.