K-Meta and Kit Wines ??

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Sep 28, 2005
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Wixom, MI
I have a pair of kit wines in secondary (Barolo and Gewertz) for about tthree onths now. The kits included the sulfites, but I plan on aging these in the bottles for over a year at least. For added protection, I planned on adding additional sulfites. My question is two fold:

1) I have a bag of k-meta poweder and a bottle of Campden Tablets....which is better?

2) How much of eaither one should I use at bottling time to protect the batch?

The k-meta and campden are the same, so it doesn't matter which you use. The k-meta is a very small dose- you should read the package directions for it because I can't remember right now! The campden tablets are one crushed tablet per gallon dissolve in some hot water.
My Vintners Reserve kit says to only add a 1/4 teaspoon to the 6 gallon batch for prolonged aging on my Chardonnay. This is in addition to the sorbate and metabisulfite I already added for the clarifying stage. YMMV.

1/4 teaspoon is the correct amount. If you overdose, it's okay. That's only a real concern if you are dosing before adding yeast, it will take longer to dissipate.