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Dec 3, 2004
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West coast of FL
Had a nice pleasant smell, but I had to call one of my friends who brews to ask about the taste. It tasted like jet fuel, he laughed and said he has had a couple like that and after a little aging they came out to be great beers. Sounds strange to me but a lot of chemistry is going on in there I don't understand so I'll give it a try come February.Worst case is I'm out some bottle tops.
After I put my first batch in the bottle last week the taste was not any where close to jet fuel. That would have me nervous.
I tried one last night after a week in the bottles and it has mellowed quite a bit. Still very hoppy but that should also mellow out. I'll try some again next weekend and see how it is going. The current plan is to move it to cold conditioning in early Feb.
the first batch i ever bottled, i tried a week after i bottled, cause the woman at the beer store told me it should be good to go. well it wasn't quite what i expected. i opened another a week later, giving them two weeks in the bottle and it tasted better, but they are gonna get another two weeks in the bottle minimum before i crack open another.

now i've bought some glass carboys and a glass fermentor so i can age this stuff a bit longer before i bottle it and am anticipating better flavors than the plastic pail provided. i'm not sold on the plastic, i think it imparts some funk even if it is very clean and sanitized.

i think patience is paramount. so it's some more store bought swill till i've aged my ale a bit more.
I bottled my first batch about 3 weeks ago. Tried one bottle earlier this week. Tasted good, except bitter. I assume that was the hops. By the way it was a pale ale so I believe it's supposed to have a hoppy taste.