Just opened my 3rd brew: hazelnut brown

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Mar 5, 2009
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Oakland, CA
for my 3rd brew: Rogue Hazelnut Brown Beer Kit

Just opened after 13 days of bottle conditioning, which came after 2 weeks in primary.

My first thought - holy crap that's a strong hazelnut flavor. I used about 1.5 oz of the extract (recipe says commercial uses 1 oz, but using all 2 oz would still be ok). Hazelnut is a weird flavor to me (my wife says Americans don't eat it much, but Europeans are much more familiar with it).

Other than that, pretty good. A little cloudy, but good carbonation, nice crisp feeling, just heavily dominated by hazelnut. A tiny bit of head, but I haven't gotten any of my first brews to pour with any head, really.

I'm trying to figure out what I could serve with this beer... I'm think it's really designed for desserts, maybe a dessert crepe (banana and nutella) or a chocolate cake?

But I'm pretty stoked - 3 brews and no obvious off-flavors yet!