Just loved the brurey smoking wood and wants to brew something like it

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Jul 31, 2010
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The batch is 25 liter
Grain bill:
5 kg weyermann smoked malt(maybe divide it 2/3 to 1/3 with oak smoked wheat, not sure if it's available) (50%)
2 kg weyermann munich type 2 (20%)
1.5 weyermann rye malt (15%)
0.35 kg munton's 60L crystal malt (3.5%)
0.35 kg munton's 95L crystal malt (3.5%)
0.3 kg munton's 150L crystal malt (3%)
0.3 kg weyermann carafa 1 (3%)
0.2 kg weyermann carafa 2 (2%)

Mash: 90 min at 68C
Boil: 90 min

Hops: 30gr northern brewer at 60 min.
30gr northern brewer at 20 min.

Yeast: US-05 dry yeast

Secondery: 50gr medium toasted/charred oak cubes soaked in rye whisky then added for say 1 month? maybe more?

It's supposed to be a big smokey, woody, malty, sweet, chocolaty with spicey rye notes beer, around 9%