Just learned the importance of a blowoff tube...

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Aug 31, 2020
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Made a 5 gal batch of Thunder Cookie Gingerbread Stout and set it in the garage. Was bubbling nicely before bed, but blew in the night! I think I got it under control, but if it was exposed for a few hours is it still good? There aren’t any bugs in there, I checked. Got a tube rigged once I found out and put it in a bucket of star San.

what a morning! At least this gives me a reason to organize and clean my garage 😂


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At that stage there is so much CO2 being produced that you are most likely fine. Cleanup and let it go.
Agreed, but don’t keep that blow off tube on forever. After the krausen seems to have stabilized I’d put an airlock on. You don’t want to suck back all that water by accident.
Should be good. All that krausen and c02 will protect the beer. Open fermentation is a thing! Check it out.

This mishap is a right of passage I feel and a lesson that only takes 1 teaching to learn from, haha.