Just got a free pound of Jarrylo hops

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Sep 16, 2015
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Bay City
...and I'm unsure what to make with them. Any suggestions? I was leaning towards a Saison or Hefe. It doesn't look like they're an IPA hop so a pound is going to give me a few batches at least.

Got them for helping judge a contest at my LHBS. Talk about a double reward, homebrew samples and free hops!
I used them once for a single hop pale ale/IPA. They gave that beer a very banana like flavor. I think it was pretty much equal additions of the hops at 60, 45, 30,15 and 0. No dry hopping. So if you do dry hop, I don't know what you should expect.

Took me a couple to get use to the banana. But I think that's what Hefe's are supposed to have for flavor.