Just bottled my first beer!

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Mar 2, 2009
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Santa Fe
Thank you, Revvy, for the great "first time bottling primer"... It made bottle day go much smoother...

My son came over to help us out in the yard and I was able to twist his arm to help me bottle my first batch of beer. We were able to get 2 cases worth of bottles out of it and the FG came out to a nice 1.014.

We both tried the stuff at the bottom of the bucket. It tasted like good, yummy, flat warm beer. I was really happy to not have any fruity flavors and no rocket fuel taste. There was no aftertaste and it really stayed nicely on the palate a few minutes after drinking... I didn't taste anything off about this batch, so I WILL be making this recipe again after I get this cherry stout going this weekend...

The house stays in the mid 70's right now, so I will give it 3 weeks and make sure I don't have any bottle bombs. Then, I will put it in the fridge for a couple of days and give it a taste.

The three weeks in primary was perfect! I will continue to let all of my future brews go at least that long. It was easy to get off of the yeast cake on the bottom and bottling day was great!

The oxyclean is in the carboy right now so it can get clean and shiny for the next batch this weekend, cherry stout.... NOM!

Thank you again for all of the great advice on this board!