Just a small weekend project.

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Apr 22, 2008
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Shelby Township, MI
About a month ago, SWMBO comes home and says that she decided that we need a new shower hear, and a new control valve for the shower because they are leaking. To be completely fair and honest, SWMBO is very handy around the house and does a lot of the household repairs. What can I say, it gives me more time to brew and she likes doing it.

But I digress. She comes home from Home Depot with a new control valve and shower head, AND a new sink. She says, "Well, it was on sale, and the kids have just trashed our vanity and sink(They did)." OK, no big deal. So a few days later, she discovers that the toilet is also leaking(I am suspicious about this). After getting a rebuild kit, and then discovering that the tank is cracked, I head out and get a new toilet.

After we started busting out tile to get at the control valve, I make an off the cuff remark about putting in a new bathtub. Well, that did it. The next thing you know, it's "We could get a deeper tub so that YOU could relax in it." What can I say to that? Go buy the freakin' tub, there's overtime tonight at work.

Oh yeah, while we have the tub, toilet, and sink out, we might as well replace the flooring. $30 for a lino remnant.

So now here we are, several weeks after this project got started, and we finally get the tub out. Then she says, "I don't think that the tile that I bought to repair these spots match, and this is the closest I could find."

Now I'm standing here looking at what was once my bathroom, but is now a square with nothing but studs, and I'm wondering to myself...when did this small project turn into this giant mess??

At least I have been getting laid a lot lately. It kind of makes up for all of the cuts and scrapes I have on my hands.


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Oct 6, 2007
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Fairfield, IA USA
Sounds Like how February started for me last year...

By mid July I had a 4'x 4' Hole in the roof ,no drywall, carpet, windows or insulation.

Thankfully we were finally able to move back in just before thanksgiving ...

Hang in there ;)