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Jan 19, 2009
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Dallas, TX
The Beer:
Julius Echter - Wuerzburger Hofbraeu
(Hover over the bottle on the far right)
Origin: Wuerzburg, Germany

The Backstory:
I've got a friend that grew up in Wuerzburg that originally introduced me to Julius Echter. It's a very light, refreshing weissbier without the strong banana or clove smell of a traditional hefeweizen. I visited the brewery last month, but wasn't able to make it on a weekday when the brewmaster would have been available.

The Mission:
Come up with a recipe that will closely resemble the beer using extract brewing. So far I've found a Wuerzburg Weizenbier recipe from Homebrew Adventures, but it isn't much different from my traditional Hefeweizen recipe so I'm a bit skeptical. I've also started the cultivation of yeast from three Julius Echter bottles and it seems to be going alright thus far.

The Recipe:
.25oz Crystal 10 (Steeping grain)
6lbs. Wheat DME
1oz Hallertauer (Bittering, 60 min.)
Appropriate White Labs Yeast Strain

Unfortunately, the recipe doesn't specify a WLP strain. That's why I'm trying to bottle harvest the actual yeast.

Can anyone that is familiar with the beer make any suggestions to the recipe?


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Feb 1, 2005
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I-80, Exit 27 (near the Quad Cities)
Me and Julius met up a lot of times at the Nurnberg Airport at 0430 in the AM before flying back to the States...

It's one of my top 2 Hefe Weizens. It's really close to Roth's from Schweinfurt.

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