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Sartawi Brewer

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Dec 6, 2022
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Hello everyone!

I'm Ayham, A Jordanian brewer that developed his passion and worked on my knowledge and skills in Jordan. Say what! but yep, proudly introducing craftbeer to Jordanian people through different styles of beer to create a beer culture. here on this form to connect with other brewers from the globe and share/gain knowledge about brewing and my career as a brewer.

Respect and love for beer!

Welcome here Ayham,
I was travelled in Jordan a lot of years ago.
I remeber that in Jordan is legal drink wine & beers, but not in public. An I remember some good wines, with the flavour of a sunny day.
What is the legal framework for brewery in Jordan? (Curiosity only)
Thanks Pie 11 for the greetings,

I'm glad you visited our country and you tried some of our local fermented beverages. We do have liquor stores and bars and pubs around the country and are can legally serve beer/wine or other spirits there. but the only place where you can't do it is drinking alcohol in the street. so basically I work for 1st and only micro brewery called Carakale which founded by a Jordanian brewmaster that studied at DC Davis in Colorado. So, there was no legal framework right before he started the brewery when it comes to craftbeer in the country! so bascailly they had to create a new taxation for it which is around 60%